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Pumpkin Spice Collection Pumpkin, Spice, Soap, Collection, Lotion, Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, Smelly Jelly, Massage Oil, Body Spray. Whipped Body Butter
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Do you hear that? The sound of the air conditionsers are quiet - they have been replaced by the leaves rustling in the wind. And dusk is quickly upon us these days.It's time to Cozy up with the alluring fragrance of Pumpkin Spice. Just imagine warm yummy pumpkin, brown sugar, ground cinnamon & cloves baking to perfection.The fragrance of Pumpkin Spice is offered in all of your favorite Luxury Bath & Body Products: Whipped Body ButterShower GelHand & Body LotionSugar ScrubSmelly JellyGourmet...