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Thank you so much for the shower gel. My son loved it. He kept saying feel how soft my skin is!??. I will try and bring him with me next time I am able to get to the farmers market

Thanks again, Melissa

I got your soap and smelly jelly as a gift from my boss. it was the best soap I've ever used, very clean smelling no left over residue. The Smelly Jelly was and still is FANTASTIC It's been a few months since I opened it and it still smells just as good and just as strong as when I first opened it. Great Products I recommend them to everyone.

Ray Schafferman

Theresa & Tim -

So happy I found you at East Goshen Farmer's Market! Love your

products - the SOAPS are my favorite!

Pat Alleman

Our Customer Carol at the PRC Newtown Square Farmers Market Mostardi's Nursery.

UESS Customer Testimony at the Single on a Saturday Nite taping.

Live UESS Customer Reaction

Hi Theresa,

We met at a craft fair at the Piazza and I have been using your products ever since. B/B can't hold a candle! I have also been spreading the word by gifting your lotions and potions to friends....Keep up the good work!

Deborah Flynn ?

Hello Theresa:

I have to tell you how much I missed my Botanical Enzyme Facial Mask when I was traveling through Eastern Europe recently. My skin was hurting, but now all has returned to normal, thanks to you.

You were so wonderful and conscientious to check when I was returning from my trip to make sure I had it as soon as I returned home. Such service! Thank you very much.

-Maureen Duffy

The Body scrubs, hand soaps OMG, they make you feel like you just left a spa. I love your products.

-Sabatina Rizzi Grassia

I just bought oatmeal milk and honey whipped shea and aloe! I have extremely dry skin and it feels so amazing. Looking forward to buying more in the future :)Thank you so much!

-Brianna Salas

Hi Theresa - Nice meeting you on Saturday at the Urban Business Alliance Showcase! I'm the Breast Cancer 3-Day Lady that was across the room from you.
Your soaps smell so good, that I'm afraid to use them! They have my bathroom singing with such a wonderful aroma!!! I may try the Simply Sugar this weekend, because I really want to use them for their skin benefits (not just the beautiful scent).
Keep up the great work, and thank you for suggesting 2 soap varieties, because I would still be standing there at the Urban Education Center trying to decide!!!


Hey Theresa,

I used the sandalwood soap you had given me. Great product! The fragrance was lasting and the soap itself was nice and sudsy. I told some of my friends about the product and your business, so hopefully they'll visit your stand at the next flea market.

-Will Connelly

I love these products! very good for your skin without drying it out. The scents are heavenly too! Wish I could attend, see you soon.

-Sa Mut A. Scott

Good Morning,

You might not remember me, but I'm the African American vendor that purchased the Georgia Peach Whipped Body Butter from you at the Millburn Art and Craft Fair. I just wanted to tell you that I lOOOVVVVEEEEEE your product. Its exactly what my body needs as the winter months approaching. The scent is very gentle and not overbearing. What I love most is the detail that went into the formulation of the product. Some shea butter products you have have to struggle with to get it to penetrate into your skin, but not yours. It just melts upon contact. Its light enough to be used on the softer parts of the body, but yet effective enough to tackle drier area( elbows, feet, knees, etc). I absolutely love this product and will continue to purchase it. Please include a testimonial section of your website.

Thanks again

-Gertrude Etta, New Jersey

Greetings Theresa


Thank you so much for my pressies, the two soaps, I am thrilled!

I go out of my way to support independent artists and I would like to deal with you directly. I absolutely love your creams, I use them every day, honestly.

I feel and smell so wonderful, which is for me, but people comment!! The more I can get your name out there the better, so I need some of your business cards.

Most of what I ordered (all though not all!!) are for Xmas pressies and guest pressies, so you will hopefully get more customers.

I will order your wonderful products forever!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you again.


Hey Terri - Got my box of goodies the other day, and I have 3 words for that whipped body butter...TO DIE FOR!!!! Why on earth have you hid that from me? I think I'm more addicted to that product now!
My mom was in town this weekend and tried it, and I was going to give it to her to take back home to NC. Well, she forgot it in my frig! Oh well; I guess my 1st pot wasn't meant to leave me! I will definitely be ordering that product again.
Keep up the great products, and if you ever try to retire from this business, then you will still be on the hook for making that butter!!!


I Bought 2 bars of soap and I've all tried 1 but I was very happy with the product and of course you will be at our next event to expose your excellent products to others. It is truly outstanding!

-Yvette Fontaine

My daughter LOVED The Herbal Wheat & Oat Shampoo and Conditioner so much I had to get some for myself

-Kendall Hayes Fullard

Theresa Girl I LOVE your Gourmet Luxury Soap !! I tried the Simply Sugar Girl my skin was so soft and I Love the scent!! I gave a bar of soap to one of my friends here in Atlanta she Loved it also!! You have GREAT products , I am a True FAN !!! Be Blessed!! I will be ordering more!!

-Karen Baldwin Pierce

Your soaps smell so good, that I'm afraid to use them They have my bathroom singing with such a wonderful aroma!!! I may try the Simply Sugar this weekend, because I really want to use them for their skin benefits (not just the beautiful scent).
Keep up the great work, and thank you for suggesting 2 soap varieties, because I would still be standing there at the Urban Education Center trying to decide!!!


The body butter is the best thing since beef and beer . I want it, I need it, I got to get it. Get some and enjoy!!! ENJOY YOUR SELF.

-Alonzo Briddell me when I say, U HAVE TO TRY THEIR smells soooooooooo good, and it leave your skin feeling UNBELIEVABLY soft :)

-ThaChocolate Princess Shontae


-Lenore C. Sears

Clark Park was a blast. It was great to see the look of pure contentment on people's faces after they did the hand treatment with your Brown Sugar and Foaming Butter Scrubs. Excellent work!

-Sena Owereko

Hello Theresa:

This is Maureen from the Fanwood Street Fair, ordering your wonderful products yet again! I'm especially fond of your Botanical Enzyme Facial Masque (truly a miraculous product for my skin), Wild Oats and Honey Facial Masque, Foaming Butter Scrub, and of course your fabulous body butter (the Yuzu scent is my favorite).

I am so happy to have discovered your wonderful products that day in Fanwood!

-Maureen Duffy

I met you at the Yeadon Health Fair, Sunday, July 11th 2010

I promised to send you an email reply after using the products I purchased. I have used the body lotion & soap (everyday)=THEY ARE FANTASTIC! The soap is clean and the body lotion's scent is ridiculously long-lasting. I have never used a lotion where after sweating all day long in the SUMMER, the scent is still on after working all day - INCREDIBLE.

I next used the shampoo and conditioner. SENSATIONAL! Again the scent is incredible and lasts for days. I'm having people smell my hair! My hair was soft and detangled after washing. That is all I've used so far. Each morning/evening I can't wait to use the stuff. I am pacing myself and planning when to use the, body butter, bath gel, and body scrub. I am promoting you to everybody I know!

I will send you guys another testimonial after I use the other products. I CAN'T WAIT!

Oh, I also have the smelly jelly jar in the bathroom tool Smells sooo good (banana coconut)! Also a shout out to the guy who recommended the essence of man body lotion scent and the smelly jelly scent - FANTASTIC!!

Thanks so much and I enjoyed meeting you at the event. I apologize for not remembering the gentleman's name.

I am going to check out all the products you have online.

I can't tell you how much I'm glad I found you. I will continue to support your business and tell everyone to check you out online.

It is encouraging to see our people in business for themselves, have quality products, and are very nice people as well. Continued SUCCESS!

P .S. Theresa - I hope I gave you enough to read :)!

Warm Regards