Connecting with Small Businesses - Part 1

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Connecting with Small Businesses - Part 1

Welcome to our new blog post series Connecting With Small Businesses!

Its relatively easy to start your own business these days and it can be very rewarding. But, maintaining a small business can be hard without collaborating and utilizing the services other of small businesses. And success it doesn't happen overnight!

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can be a gratifying experience but not without hard work, determination and the help, support and mentoring of other small business owners.

Over the years we've had the pleasure of meeting several people who we have worked with or have tagged in to help us move our business further along.

In this post we are showcasing small businesses that are making their mark on the world.

Sena O.

Sen7 Consulting

One of Philadelphia's best emerging "quiet storm" coaches. Keep an eye out for upcoming news and classes from this award-winning, multi-lingual professional who works with entrepreneurs, small business owners, working parents and emerging leaders to realize their business and career goals. Be sure to get practical tips from SEN7 Consulting - Career & Job Tips on Facebook and remember to like and follow the page!
Questions? Email today.

For more information visit:
Website: SEN7 Consulting - Career & Job Tips 
Facebook: SEN7 Consulting - Career & Job Tips

People's Virtual Solutions

People's Virtual Solutions

Have you ever wanted to work from home? Are you looking to earn some money during this time we are currently living in? Well, now is the perfect time to work from home and People's Virtual Solutions will help you get started!  They are partnered with the Arise platform to provide service to major companies looking for customer support. They contract with individuals looking to start their own mini call center. And they provide support for your business to grow.

Founder and Owner Tiffany Briddell started this business to help provide people with the ability to be their own boss and have the flexibility to schedule work that fit their lifestyle.

Start your new career today!

For more information visit:
Website: People's Virtual Solutions

Mary Tonita Austin of M. T. Austin & Associates

M.T. Austin and Associates

Mary Tonita Austin is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of professional experience within the financial industry. She is the founder and President of M.T. Austin and Associates, LLC (formerly A.H. Consulting, Inc.) a 100% woman and minority-owned accounting and consulting firm with offices in Media and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also serves as the creative inspiration behind The Restoration Station, a curated online community focused on educating others on critical financial information. Ms. Austin specializes in promoting wealth activation practices and offers professional solutions which provide clients with the confidence to sleep well at night.

M.T, Austin and Associates
provides comprehensive accounting services for the individual, non-profit and small business owners including but not limited to bookkeeping, payroll processing, income tax returns, audit preparation, business planning and budgeting, and accounting system implementation and training. Join M. T. Austin and Associates' mailing list to stay updated on all the latest financial and tax developments.

For more information visit:
Website: M. T. Austin and Associates
Twitter: M. T. Austin and Associates
Instagram: M. T. Austin and Associates
Youtube: M.T. Austin and Associates

Creole Soul - Original Spice Blend

Creole Soul

Creole Soul believes that everyone can be a great cook! Their flavors are rooted and grounded in Louisiana Culture. Their products are crafted to make every meal a delight. Their services are designed to make hospitality easy.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chef Shermona Bates Mack started Creole Soul in 2008. At the age of seven, Shermona made her first meal (Lemon Pork Chops, Buttered Noodles & Peas). Even though she was told to never use the stove without help, her desire to cook was stronger than the consequence of getting caught. Her mother couldn't fuss after her first bite! Shermona has catered weddings, birthdays and many other events. Shermona spent her Saturdays building Creole Soul by holding a BBQ stand at a local farmers market for six years.

For more information visit: Creole Soul

Brook Smith of Baby B Soothed

Baby B Soothed

Baby B Soothed Is a company offering one on one support for new parents. They teach skills of conscious parenting through massage. Massage therapy has been proven to promote an undeniably healthy, happy, relaxed, and soothed newborn, infant, or toddler right before your eyes!

When parents perform infant massage, it encourages pre-verbal communication between the parent/caregiver and the infant which is a HUGE part of the bonding process.

Over the last ten years, founder and owner Brooke Smith has instructed classes on, Caring for baby, How to mentor teens, Planning early childhood “free” trips, Health and nutrition on a budget, Nurturing and self-esteem empowerment along with her favorite class to teach: Infant Massage Instructing and Training. Teaching infant massage is a wonderful way to connect with parents. She also offer One To One and group classes virtually and in person. Brooke is dedicated to family and working with people.

Check out Brooke's live and re-play post on here Facebook page.

For more information or a virtual appointment visit Brooke on these platforms:
Website Baby B Soothed
Facebook: Baby B Soothed
Instagram: Baby B Soothed 

Mitchell & Mitchell Wine

Mitchell & Mitchell Wines

Mitchell & Mitchell Wines is a niche or craft winery. Located in Philadelphia PA. They are family owned and operated. Mitchell & Mitchell Wines was founded in 2012 by Frank & Kenya Mitchell. With the understanding that better grapes make better wine! Today they source products from across the globe. And offer them to you at Pennsylvania prices.

They source 100% of their raw ingredients from other small businesses within 100 miles of our location.

Their wine list includes, Pinotage, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Viognier, Pinot Grigio, Chianti, Valpolicella and a Amarone.

The grapes used for their impressive list of wines have been imported to the United States from South Africa, Chile and the DOCG appropriate regions of Italy and processed here locally into wine at their Philadelphia location.

 For more information visit:
Website: Mitchell & Mitchell Wines
Instagram: Mitchell & Mitchell Wines

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