Advanced Certified Soapmakers

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Advanced Certified Soapmaker

While growing up people often ask, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I can almost guarantee you that becoming a soapmaker is not at the top of the professional list!

Back in 2003 when Urban Essence Salon & Spa (UESS) was born, adding soap to the product line up was never a consideration. Realizing that our customers wanted soap, it was added to expand our product offerings, however at that time it was melt and pour soap. Realizing that our customers wanted soap was the catalyst to expanding our product offerings.

Interesting enough, formulating an original soap recipe and making soap from a set recipe are two different things. To put it simply, it's the difference between making a box cake vs. making a cake from scratch. Soapmaking is an art that involves science.


We have been members of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild for a few years and belonging to a professional organization in our industry provides small businesses the tools needed to increase proficiency in the trade, improve business skills, and provide general exposure.

Along with my husband Timothy, we have been making soap for close to 20 years and felt that it was important to become certified to set us apart from other soapmakers. Earning this certification demonstrates that we are competent, knowledgeable, highly qualified and have a clear understanding of the raw materials and chemicals that we work with to produce soap. It also establishes that we have a clear understanding of the science involved in soapmaking.

How this certification benefit you, our customers?

  • It proves that we are committed to a standard of excellence.
  • Sets us apart from other soapmakers. 
  • You can feel confident knowing that we take the proper steps with regard to safety and efficacy.
  • Credibility in the industry.
  • It shows that we are dedicated to professional standards and procedures.

To learn more about making soap read our blog post The Chemistry of Soap.

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