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Moisture Rich Hand & Body Lotion

Last week we talked about What Preservatives Are & Why We Use Them. This week we're talking about lotion, more specifically our Hand & Body Lotion.

In the early days of our business, we used to use a lotion base. Quite frankly the majority of indie bath & body companies use a lotion base. And like everyone else the thought of making lotion seemed so complicated! Then one day my husband said "you make soap, don't you! That's way more complicated than making lotion." Then the light bulb went off and I thought "yeah soap making is an elaborate dance!" 

So what is a lotion base? 
A lotion base is pre-made base you add fragrance, maybe color, and pour it into bottles. The formulating is done for you. The problem with pre-made bases is that you are not in control. The ingredients from the manufacture would vary from batch to batch, we were not able to change the emollient feel of the base, and often the base was too watery. In the beginning, we used a lotion base for maybe 2 or 3 years and by this time many of our customers told us what they were looking for in a lotion. We studied and learned quite a bit about ingredients and formulating which helped us develop a lotion that is truly our own. 

Mango Coconut Hand & Body Lotion

Choosing ingredients
The formulation and development process was not a walk in the park. We bought and tested a lot of ingredients and even had to ditch a few batches. Once we figured out the main ingredients we wanted to include everything else came together. The key ingredients that had to be included in our lotion formulation was Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Olive Oil. And because water plays a major part in any lotion formulation a preservative was necessary. Weeding through the preservative noise was challenging and at this point using a paraben based preservative was taboo. So we made a conscious choice to use a plant-based preservative

Finally, by 2007 our lotion formula was set. The Hand & Body Lotion that we make is based on recommendations by you! Over the years so many of you made suggestions about ingredients and fragrances. This lotion will moisturize, hydrate, and leave your skin soft and smooth! It gives us great pleasure to offer you a lotion that is truly made by us. 

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