Making Bath BonBons : A Video

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Ms. Marion Curry

In this industry you lean that some products will resonate with your customers and others just won't!

When we started our bath & body business 17 years ago we made all kinds of bath and body products. And we fell in love with those products. Not all of those products worked so over the years we had to make hard decisions about which products we would keep and which ones need to be discontinued.

I bet you're wondering "why is she telling us about a discontinued product." 

Well, when you discontinue a product that's not a fan favorite most people don't notice. But then there's that one customer, who can't live without it. You know the one, that's not just a customer but also the person that watched you grow up. The one who watched you when your parents couldn't. The one who was your first and still is a long time customer says to you "you can discontinue that product if you want to but you still have to make it for me!"

Well, that customer this Ms. Curry. 

We discontinued our bath bonbons about 10 years ago but we still make them for Ms. Curry! We better!

Take a look at how we make bath bonbons.

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