Meet Our Customer: Nicole Fuscia of Glenna Stone Interior Design

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We are excited to start a new series of blog posts featuring customers we admire and inspire us to create products you all enjoy! We are asking them to share a piece of themselves and why they have chosen Urban Essence Salon & Spa products. In this post we are chatting with Nicole Fuscia of Glenna Stone Interior Design.

Nicole using our Whipped Body Butter

Nicole is married to her wonderful husband Jim, is a lover of all things local, adores animals, enjoys cheering on our Philadelphia sports teams, is passionate about politics and embraces her Philly Lifestyle!

Nicole is the marketing coordinator for Glenna Stone Interior Design, based in Chestnut Hill (right down the street from Weavers Way!). They're a full-service design firm dedicated to creating beautiful homes for their clients that work for them and the way they live. For them, each home is as unique as the people who live there, and they should reflect that. They also design commercial projects, from wineries to offices. Every day brings something new and it's always a fun challenge! You find them on Instagram at glennastonedesign

Nicole Fuscia of Glenna Stone Interior Design

UESS: How long have you been a customer of Urban Essence Salon & Spa?

Nicole: I first met you almost 4 years ago at the Dickinson Square Park farmers’ market, and I’ve been a customer ever since! 

UESS: What features sold you on buying our products?

Nicole: First, I’m sensitive to a lot of scents because I have chronic migraines, and I really liked the natural ingredients that you use in the soap and body butter. I also prefer bar soap because it’s more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles and refills. Of course, I love small and local businesses, and I want to support them whenever possible.


Nicole and her husband Jim

UESS: What do you think of our products?

Nicole: Well, I buy them a lot so it’s fair to say that I’m a big fan. The Just Oatmeal soap is my favorite because it’s so gentle (even on my face), and it reminds me of an oatmeal soap that I found on my honeymoon in Mexico. I always have a bar at both the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Since we wash our hands all the time, it’s important to have soap that’s effective and gentle. The whipped body butter is so great for me in the winter when my skin gets really dry, especially my legs, arms, and hands.

UESS: How would you feel if you could no longer use this product?

Nicole: I’d be so sad! Honestly, I don’t even know where I’d look for a comparable replacement.

Philadelphia is where Nicole's lives

UESS: What's the main reason you recommend our products?

Nicole: They’re natural, effective, long-lasting, and great for people with sensitivities. Plus, I love how long-lasting they are. Last but not least, you have amazing customer service and that counts for a lot with me.

UESS: What would you tell someone who's considering our products?

Nicole: Try them! There’s such a wide range of scents and product types that there’s something for everyone. You’re always expanding and trying new things, which is awesome. I just purchased the activated charcoal soap to try for myself.

Nicole & Jim with Philadelphia 76ers Basketball player Mike Scott

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your life and thoughts with us.

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