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When was the last time you had a spa treatment?

Spa treatments are amazingly beneficial and relaxing and being able to pamper yourself at home is the best way to relive that spa treatment at home!

Product Display

We really enjoy attending shows, craft fairs and farmers markets it’s the perfect opportunity for us meet you all and showcase the many products we offer. My husband Timothy Minor came up with the brilliant idea to bring warm water with us to events so that we could offer you our Signature Spa Hand Treatment using our Sugar Scrub and Whipped Body Butter. This Signature Spa Hand Treatment is formulated to make your hands blissfully soft & silky and will also help improve blood flow & circulation. And the best part is, you can do it yourself at home. 

The Sugar Scrub is a blend of pure unrefined raw Demerara, Turbinado & Brown sugars. Our Signature Spa Hand Treatment should be incorporated into your dally self-care routine. It will help relive dry skin, calluses and aging hands and you will experience the indulgent pleasure of revitalized, exfoliated & smooth hands with our Signature Spa Hand Treatment!

In this video we are at the LadiDeclare Teen Summit which took place on Saturday August 17, 2019 at the Philadelphia Ethical Society. Here you will see a firsthand look at our Signature Spa Hand Treatment.

Please check out our calendar of events and come visit us to get your Signature Spa Hand Treatment!

Hope to see you soon!

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