Winter always leads to Spring!

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It is January 6, 2018, its about 14 degrees outside and we are in our studio making all things Lavender. And I can't help but think about the warm, fresh air of Springtime!

Lavender FlowersOur Lavender and Herb fragrance is one of our top fragrances. Can you imagine yourself walking through a field of Lavender in full bloom? That touch of fresh herbs always helps create our Lavender & Herb fragrance.

Some of the many benefits of lavender include its antiseptic ability, anti-inflammatory qualities and Lavender has long been known for its antioxidant properties.

What most people enjoy about Lavender it it's use and ability to relax the body and mind.

According to Wikipedia Lavandula (common name lavender) is a genus of 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is native to the Old World and is found from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, Europe across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India. Many members of the genus are cultivated extensively in temperate climates as ornamental plants for garden and landscape use, for use as culinary herbs, and also commercially for the extraction of essential oils. The most widely cultivated species, Lavandula angustifolia, is often referred to as lavender, and there is a color named for the shade of the flowers of this species. (Lavandula. (2017, December 20). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 17:38, January 6, 2018, from

Our Lavender & Herb Soap has been a long time favorite of many our customers. Here are just a few Lavender & Herbstestimonials from our customers.

"It's so hard to choose which scent is my favorite! I'm happy that all of them make my skin feel amazing. I have such dry skin but when I use any of these soaps I don't even have to put lotion on and I smell great all day! Thank You Urban Essence for making the best soap my husband and I have ever used!" (Crystal, 8/15/2017)

"I was very happy with the Lavender & Herb Soap, I gave them as gifts. I try to shop locally when I can, Much success with your venture!" (Patrice B., 12/26/2016)

"I love the Lavender herb soap! It makes me smell good and feel clean!! Wonderful product!!" (Beth, 12/21/2016)

"I haven't purchased soap from a store in years! Lavender is my favorite but we love several varieties of the soaps. The combination of scent, shea butter and just enough suds is perfect for my skin and even my teenage son refuses to use anything else. I can't keep enough of it in the house!" (TLove, 2/13/2016)

We have about 10 weeks until Spring begins on March 20, 2018, brighten these cold Winter days by bringing the fresh fragrance of Lavender & Herb into your home!

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